Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is an international organization founded on November 12th 2000 with the purpose of providing a fun and helpful environment for video gamers with similar interests who share a desire for fun, teamwork, dedication, respect and sportsmanship.

Ancient Warriors are not made from the same mold as the "average" gaming clan member. We are not about drama, trash talking or squabbling amongst ourselves. We take care of those types of situations immediately and effectively. We do not care about skill, rank, or who is a noob and in fact welcome new players.

AW is about fun, love of the game and a desire to promote an atmosphere which supports sportsmanship, teamwork and most importantly; Fun! Considered an extended family, AW members are always ready to help one another and offer assistance in any way they can, in-game or out.

AW members play a variety of games and the list of games we play is constantly changing. Just because we do not have a forum dedicated to a particular game does not mean that we have no players interested in that game!

Thank you for visiting us. Please feel free to check out our forums and get to know us, or if you really like what you see here, join up and take part in the fun!

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